A Guide to playing Warhammer 40k

"War is an art and as such is not susceptible of explanation by fixed formula"
- General George Patton Jr

Origin: The reason for this site is to present some of my thoughts on the game of 40k. The topics will range from the very elementary concepts that should help beginners, to advanced game theory and math, as well as historically influential writings on the nature of war, which I hope will interest even the veteran gamer.

I originally did a lot of this writing in my blog, for my friends and my wife, who were just starting to play the game. I'm now going back and reorganizing my thoughts for a more general approach.

Feedback: Any feedback should be sent to alex[AT]kallend[DOT]net. Articles may morph due to reader feedback, and I'll try to give credit where due. If you would rather not be credited, make sure you mention that in the email.