Apocalypse Fortress Project

This fortress was built for an apocalypse game held on November 16, 2013. The fortress was constructed between October 4th and Nov. 14th. It's nearly all wood construction.

The fortress features a main gate, and two smaller side gates, along with four primary defense towers, and one dedicated anti-aircraft tower. All fortress walls are AV15 Massive Fortifications. The main gate section counts as three buildings, and does not come down until all three are destroyed.

The main gate is defended by a macro cannon, four emplaced heavy bolters, one emplaced lascannon, with two hurricane bolters and two flamestorm cannons as dedicated gate defenses.

Each defense tower features a pair of emplaced heavy bolters, and a turret mounted battle cannon. The side gates each feature a pair of emplaced heavy bolters, an emplaced lascannon, a roof-mounted quad gun, and a pair each of hurricane bolters and heavy flamers covering the gate.

The rear anti-aircraft tower mounts an Icarus lascannon. The fortress has a landing pad available for resupply by air.

Most of the troops live in underground bunkers, but this barracks building provides surface access. It counts as a table edge for non-vehicle units during games.

The command center has an array of communication equipment, and projects a shield that protects the fortress from orbital bombardments.

Each side gate is large enough to allow a Chimera, Leman Russ, or Rhino to pass through.

Although most of the ammunition for the fortress is stored underground, this armoury allows easy access for reloading during battles. As long as it is standing, any friendly model in the fort may re-roll '1's to wound.

Sometimes, you just need a snack and a coke.

The garage serves as a table edge for vehicle units.

The medicae facility grants all friendly units in the fort a 6+ FNP roll.

The fortress stands guard over this narrow stretch of land, connecting two larger areas.

From the battlements, you have a controlling view of where your opponent will attack.

For more info, you can visit the construction thread on Dakka Dakka

Parts supplied by:

Propaganda Posters found throughout the fortress were found using Goggle Image Search. I'm not sure who created them, but will be happy to provide credit if you contact me.