Where I work

Notice - NEAT. Hint for you youngsters - when you keep your gaming stuff neat, it doesn't bother the wife. Having a happy wife is a good thing. A happy wife buys you cool miniatures (like the battlefortress you can see in one of these photos). A happy wife doesn't mind you spending money on your hobby and understands when you say that you need to paint every night for three months and then spend a whole weekend at a tournament.

Never underestimate the value in keeping your spouse / significant other happy.

This is where the painting happens. The tower of paints is from a company called Paintier. Very useful. Lamp, two waters (non-metals and metals wash in different water), palette, paper towel, chaos bikers in progress, Computer monitor, huge jar of brushes, Eddie under the monitor and ebola peeking out over the top, and a cup of tea. (While I may live in the US, I am still English afterall.) You might be able to make out the Mark of Chaos CD. I'm still working on that game...

This is my modelling table (in the same room). The most commonly used tools are kept out, lamp, power drill, pliers, cutters, cutting board, jar of knives&files, jar of other hand tools, dremmel rotary tool, couple of tiles, vise, jars of water, superglue accelerator, and dust masks (never work on resin models without one of these on.) On the right is a box of bitz, organized into little pull-out trays, from the days when I actually believed that worked. Ha ha. Actually, it has several useful trays, like one with drill bits, one with magnets, etc. And then others that have various imperium bits.

Underneath the same table. On the top left we have a stack of White Dwarves, and a metal tin (useful for stripping paint). Top right, there's a imperial sector box with terrain bits in it, and two large organizers, one for big bits (like an earthshaker cannon from a basilisk that got looted into a battlewagon), and one for basing supplies. On the bottom left there's a rubbish bin, a bunch of codexes behind the bin, and boxes with unbuilt models. And the case for the dremmel. On the right, there's two boxes, the left holds eldar bits, the right holds motorcycle bits. Below that are six more organizer drawers. On the left side, Decals & Green Stuff, Tools, and Glues, on the right side, Tyranid bits, Model kit Bits, and 2nd ed bits.

To the left of that workdesk is my air compressor for my airbrush, a small television, one of my guitar speakers, a Keeper of Secrets (in progress), and my wife's PS2. More importantly, there's -another- organizer. The top two drawers of this are full of ork bits. Then there's a drawer full of raw materials: plasticard, brass rods, jeweler's chain, copper wire, foamcore. Below that is the drawer for airbrush tools and paints, and then the really big drawer at the bottom is full of old coffee cans which separate out various different Fantasy bits.

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