August 9th, 2006

Woke up to more rain. Headed to US14, the scenic route to Bryce Canyon. As we approached, we passed signs reading "Not recommended for Trucks" and "Caution flood area". We then hit traffic. Apparently, a truck decided not to heed the warning. The cab lay on its side, and the trailer had crashed through the guardrail, falling down the side of the mountain, the only evidence of its existance being the cases and cans of bad (Milwaukee's Best) beer littering the road. I said, "We shall treat this road with the utmost respect; it has already claimed a truck full of bad beer."

We headed along the road at about 25mph, but we finally cleared the mountain. We stopped for breakfast at Harold's, where we saw hummingbirds. Then we went to Bryce Canyon. Although not mandatory here, we took the bus to the far point along the rim, and hiked back to our bike along the rim of the canyon, dipping into the canyon at times.

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